Click here to read the letter and view the picture of Susan Dean, a 2006 recipient of a PEDAL scholarship awarded by the Evanston Cycling Club. Congratulations, Susan!

 Click here to view the picture of Andy Nees, the other 2006 recipient of a second PEDAL scholarship awarded by the Evanston Cycling Club. Congratulations, Andy!

Click here to read the letter and view the picture of Bailey Snyder, the first recipient of a PEDAL scholarship awarded by the Evanston Cycling Club in 2005. Congratulations, Bailey!


Each spring, Evanston Cycling Club members assist the Safe Kids Coalition and Helmets for Heather at the Safe Kids Fair which is held at the Community Recreation Center. Free bike helmets are offered to kids. Cycling Club members help to fit helmets and explain bike education and safety issues at this free community event.

The Cycling Club generally coordinates an annual poster contest for elementary school age kids in grades K-5. Students create posters which reflect the theme of the contest. In 2008, the fourth year of the poster contest, the theme was "Bike Safety: One, Two, Three." The 2007 theme was "Keep the Lids on Kids." Click here to view the 2008 poster contest entry form. 

Poster winners are recognized at a regular public meeting of the Evanston City Council. All winners receive a bike safety information packet, a free bike helmet, and a Lance Armstrong "LIVESTRONG" wristband. The grand prize winner receives a free bike.

The Evanston Cycling Club is an advocate in the fight against cancer. The Cycling Club purchases "LIVESTRONG" wristbands from the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation.  Wristbands are given out free at various community activities and events or are sold to citizens for the same $1 cost at which the wristbands were purchased.

The Cycling Club maintains information about bike education and safety at each of the four elementary schools in Evanston. This information is also on display at other public and private locations in Evanston. Periodically, Club members participate with the Safe Kids Coalition and the Evanston Police Department to talk with school kids about education and safety issues. Club members also assist Safe Kids and the Police Department with bike rodeos.

In conjunction with the Evanston Police Department, the Evanston Cycling Club accepts unclaimed bikes from the Police Department, purchases bike parts, and repairs the bikes. The bikes are given to community organizations for free distribution to needy kids.

Since 2005, the Cycling Club has offered annual PEDAL (Promoting Educational Development and Learning) scholarships in an amount of $500 each to graduating Evanston High School seniors. The scholarships are applied toward post-secondary education. In conjunction with Cook-Sanders Associates, Inc., the Cycling Club will be offering two $500 PEDAL scholarships for the 2010-2011 school year. Guidelines for the PEDAL scholarship program are described below.

The Evanston Bike Ride Guide summarizes bike rides in the community. These educational narratives describe bike rides for road bikes and mountain bikes. The Bike Ride Guide is currently available online at the Cycling Club's website. Plans are to publish the Bike Ride Guide and distribute the free booklet throughout the community at schools, public places, and businesses.   

The Evanston Cycling Club is developing the "SPIN TALK" radio forum. This public service broadcast will promote bike education and safety. Press releases about bike education and safety issues are offered throughout the year in the local newspaper, the Uinta County Herald.  

The Cycling Club will partner with the City of Evanston and other community groups to promote implementation of the pathway network as described in the Evanston 2010 Comprehensive Plan and the developing 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The pathway network will provide pathways for bicycle and pedestrian use and will link community landmarks such as schools, parks, The Bear River Greenway, Bear River State Park, the Community Recreation Center, and neighborhoods.

Multi-use trails in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest south of Evanston are used for bike riding, other non-motorized uses, and motorized uses. As necessary, the Cycling Club assists the Forest Service with trail maintenance and safety by helping to remove rocks from the trails and readying the trails for public use.

The Evanston, Wyoming Cycling Club is a proactive community organization that serves the public good. Anyone has the opportunity to join the Cycling Club. There is an annual membership fee of $20. 

Membership fees, donations from our benefactors, and proceeds derived from the two bike races that the Cycling Club helps to coordinate, enable the Club to offer these community services and activities. Thank you to our contributing partners and our volunteers!


Evanston, Wyoming Cycling Club

A 501(c) (3) charitable non-profit corporation

PEDAL (Promoting Educational Development and Learning) Scholarship Competitive Application


The Evanston, Wyoming Cycling Club is pleased to offer two $500 scholarships for post-secondary education to qualified Evanston High School seniors who will be graduating in 2011. A primary purpose of the Cycling Club is to promote education. Scholarship requirements include the following:


  • The application shall be submitted by the second week of April 2011. The student shall have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average. This grade point average shall be maintained through graduation.
  • The student shall demonstrate acceptance into any accredited college or university for the 2011-2012 school year. 
  • The student shall have a career interest in education, recreation, health sciences, business, marketing, planning, engineering or a related field as approved by the Cycling Club Board of Directors.
  • The scholarship shall be awarded in the amount of $250 for the first semester and $250 for the second semester. For quarter systems, the scholarship shall be equally divided.
  • The first scholarship allotment shall be distributed after the student has enrolled in school and after the student verifies enrollment with the Cycling Club.
  • The student shall have a minimum 3.0 grade point average after the first semester or quarter in order to receive the next scholarship allotment. The student shall remain enrolled through the school year. If the student does not fully complete a semester or quarter, the scholarship allotment shall be returned to the Cycling Club.
  • A letter of introduction telling about the student and describing the student’s career interest shall be submitted as application for the scholarship. The narrative shall further describe why the student is deserving of the scholarship and how the scholarship will assist with the student’s educational goals. A resume shall also be submitted as part of the application.
  • The Cycling Club Board of Directors shall determine the recipients of the scholarships. The Board shall keep all submitted narratives. The successful applicants will be notified by the Cycling Club in May, 2011.


Information on applying for this scholarship may be obtained at Evanston High School as part of the local scholarship list distributed after March 1st.


Bicycle Safety Education


In an ongoing effort to promote bicycle safety education and encourage the use of helmets whenever riding, the Evanston Cycling Club sponsors an annual bicycle safety poster contest. The poster contest is a joint effort undertaken by the club and the Evanston public schools. A new contest theme is selected annually and children in grades K-5 are invited to submit poster entries. Students create and present an 8.5" x 11" poster based on the theme for the year.


All participants in the contest receive a Lance Armstrong "LIVESTRONG" wristband. Wristbands are provided by the club in an ongoing effort to support the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. Students presenting the winning posters from each grade in each of the school district elementary schools are award a new bicycle helmet for their effort and achievement. One grand prize winner is selected to receive a new bicycle for the creation of the winning poster. Posters are subsequently displayed in the elementary schools throughout the district. Each participant in the contest additionally receives a bicycle education safety packet as a part of the contest.


The contest is held each year in the early spring, typically during the month of March or April.



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